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For any organization that wants to bring in local customers, a well-designed custom sign is vital both to signal your location and at the same time strengthen your branding.

Customers need to know where you are, but outdoor signs can also give them a positive impression of your business acting as advertisements, drawing in passing traffic and reinforcing your message every time a passer-by sees them as well as providing those interested in your product or service with your contact details which in turn leads to an increase in business.

At Wildflower Designs, we are experts in digital signage. Our signs can be produced onto metal frames using Cromadek, Perspex board, Glass, ABS board, Correx, ABS board and Canvas

At Wildflower Designs we use the CMYK process allowing you to choose from a much larger range of colours compared with signs made from traditional cut vinyl.

cakes and castles signboard trimming
floradshow display wrap
mayhem banner signs
mayhem banner signs completed 3
hellerman tyton signage


Sign Design, Manufacture & Print

frame spray and manufacture
investment cars display 3
gsi frame and sign uv
playground cafe sign print
tiger correx sign cutouts

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