Flat Cut Letters are one of the simplest ways to achieve a 3D effect without breaking the bank.
Flat cut out brushed aluminium letters are manufactured & installed to create a unique three dimensional look. Lee-Roy Designs is also able to assist with individual cut out aluminium letters. The 3D effect is achieved by the letters being installed spaced off the wall.
Another fantastic option to consider is to incorporate your company colours together with flat aluminium cut out signboards - Using coloured perspex as a back splash.
As competition increases and intensifies, it’s vital to stand out and maximise exposure to your product and brand.
From stainless steel to aluminium, brass to bronze our service let you use all types of real metal to create more distinctive, more impressive signage that help your company portray its message in a upmarket manner.

outside signage hellermann tyton
hellerman tyton brushed aluminium completed
hellerman tyton outside signage
hellerman tyton brushed aluminium complete
hellerman tyton sign cut no perspex backing
outside signage hellermann tyton 2


Aluminium Signage

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