Sign manufacture and printing

For any organization that wants to bring in local customers, a well-designed custom sign is vital both to signal your location and at the same time strengthen your branding.

Customers need to know where you are, but outdoor signs can also give them a positive impression of your business acting as advertisements, drawing in passing traffic and reinforcing your message every time a passer-by sees them as well as providing those interested in your product or service with your contact details which in turn leads to an increase in business.

At Lee-Roy Designs, we are experts in digital signage. Our signs can be produced onto metal frames using Cromadek, Perspex board, Glass, ABS board, Correx, ABS board and Canvas

At Lee-Roy Designs we use the CMYK process allowing you to choose from a much larger range of colours compared with signs made from traditional cut vinyl.

You’re paying for your location - why not make the most of it?

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frame spray and manufacture
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Banner printing

Outdoor banners are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your brand noticed. They bring in local customers driving or walking by and can provide powerful reinforcement of your advertising campaign.

Outdoor banners are also perfect for all kinds of outdoor events - shows, fundraisers, festivals, concerts, golf tournaments and other sporting events. In fact, they’re great whenever you need signage that can withstand the extremes of weather. (Vinyl banners are also used widely for indoor events.)

We offer high quality outdoor banners in an impressive range of styles including hanging banners at great prices.

cakes and castles banners
lee roy designs banner

Sticker printing

Printed on self-adhesive Gloss or Matt, we can print labels and stickers to your exact requirements.

As competition gets tougher, so does the search for new and effective promotional tools. Look no further! Stickers and labels are a perfect promotional or corporate branding tool.

The vinyl stickers produced by Lee-Roy Designs are waterproof and do not rip like the paper. This helps to make them more durable for outdoor use as well as tough when used indoors.

These stickers can be used for a wide variety of purposes including product labelling, general use for promoting your company logo or campaigning about almost anything. Stickers can be produced to your exact size preference. Contact us now for a quotation.

rivonia toyota liscense disks
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Customized canvas printing

Original works of art are fantastic to own, but it is hard to find the perfect picture. Canvas prints lend a truly elegant and prestigious finish to colour prints of all kinds. The canvas can be framed or box mounted for display purposes. Whether you are using the prints in your office or home our customized printed canvas allows you to print ANY digital image on canvas which is then stretched in house across a wooden frame for mounting.

Taking those special achievements, unbelievable feats and golden family moments and transforming them from a single digital image to a picture perfect work of art, you can trust the colour matching expertise of Lee-Roy Designs combined with our state of the art printing facilities to bring your favourite images to life!

Vehicle wraps & branding solutions

Our vehicle wrap clients begin receiving sales enquiries from people seeing their vehicles straight away! At Lee-Roy Designs we use a fantastic vehicle design program that tailors the artwork to the exact dimensions of your vehicle.

Our technology ensures a long lasting vibrant vehicle wrap by using the latest generation digital printers and we are able to finish the process with a fully matched UV laminate to protect from scratches and abrasions and extend the life of your artwork from external factors such as rain and sun.

Lee-Roy Designs is also able to provide clients with Matt Black wraps on their vehicles as well as Carbon Fiber Wraps.

For those that prefer a simple approach to advertising their business using their vehicles, We can turn your car into a mobile billboard with high quality, removable digital wrap graphics or by just putting your name and contact information on the door or choose vehicle magnets which are affordable and effective in distinguishing your brand.

Another fantastic opportunity to splash your company message while retaining some privacy for those inside the vehicle is to use contravision on the windows An awesome one-way vision material . 

Contact us today for a free quotation on all of the services and products we provide for vehicle branding!

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Banner stands and display stands

Pull up Banners are great portable display solution. Pull up Banner stands are easy and fast to set up and create high impact display solution.

Pull up banners are excellent solution for presentations, press conferences, exhibition displays stands, corporate meetings, trade show banner stands, retail / point of sale displays and shopping centres.

Roll Up banners can be used individually or line few together for even greater impact. Pull up banners stands are quick and easy to set up and pack up - Just pull the graphics from its base and it is ready to go.

florad home expo display

Graphic design

Our designs and formats are created to substantiate your product or service and more importantly, your company.

From a corporate logo to the use of specific colours and layouts, a visual image contains a message which carries that first impression of how professional and reliable your corporation or product is.

Potential clients base decisions not only on the content of a message, but on how well it’s presented. For each and every industry, there is a specific image that will be most appealing to a target audience.

From the formulation a new logo for your business to setting up a job to make it print ready we are on hand at all times to make your artwork POP and assist you with design at all times.


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